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Your Morning Good

Ok, clearly it’s food week here on Forthesakeofvocabulary.com. That was an accident. Hope you’re hungry.

For the last month and a half, I’ve eaten the exact same breakfast EVERY SINGLE MORNING. I am not kidding. Thanks to the French-inspired Al Fresco morning meal served to our lovely press posse in Savannah (Thank you Zimmerman gals and Kessler men), I was forced to try something I would never before have chosen to start my day off with.

A parfait.

I mean, COME ON. How does fru-fru food get your blood flowing and your day started? I would much rather chow down some serious carbs doused in dairy, or chug a Slim Fast and get on with my coffee. If I’m going big, give me bacon or give me starvation. Nowhere in my chemical make-up does a pile of yogurt, berries and rabbit food make my stomach growl. Actually, it does, because I wouldn’t eat it and I would still be hungry.

Ok, drama aside, I did actually eat it that one fateful morning, and I have to tell you something–it was delicious. And not just raise an eyebrow delicious in how surprised you are that it’s actually something you’ll have more than a bite of. It was REALLY GOOD. Like, I ate it in two spoonfuls and contemplated a second helping because I wasn’t ready for it to be over yet. Such crunch with the granola! Such powerful bursts of fresh flavor in those berries! The combination of textures erupting a miracle across my tastebuds! …This was something never to be ignored by my grocery lists again.

And it hasn’t. I’ve stuck to my guns and enjoyed buying fresh berries (straw, blue, rasp and black–depending on what’s priced for the season), Kroger-brand CarbMaster yogurt in whatever flavor you want (I recommend White Chocolate Raspberry if you need to appease a sweet tooth and Vanilla to add a little superb to your standard) and Bare Naked granola in Vanilla Almond (only 4 grams of sugar per serving!) to make the masterful concoction.

It takes four minutes to prepare. Less, if you’ve already washed, sliced and separated your ingredients. It uses two dishes and easily works as a to-go tupperware, eat-in-the-car meal. And it’s good and good FOR you. The CarbMaster yogurt only has 6 grams of sugar and a whopping amount of protein (the least and the most of any yogurt out there, I know). Oh, and it’s forty cents a pop.

And, you know what? At the risk of being stupidly cheesy (and know that I just rolled my eyes at myself), I actually feel good about myself for eating it… Like those people in the health mags who swear they can pop a few pieces of fruit and a handful of cashews for a snack and then run a half marathon at their personal best. Sigh – it’s like it’s making me a better person… so despite the fact that this has never (and probably rarely ever will be) a how-to blog, I couldn’t keep the secret to myself any longer. Eat. Eat Well. Eat a lot (of this breakfast) and don’t feel guilty!


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