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It’s thawing out

Okay… so I’ve purposefully avoided updating ye readers on my spending freeze. The reason obviously being that I’ve had some hiccups. Just a few (in my opinion) justified purchases threatening my debt, but satisfying my craving–um, my needs. Yes, needs.

1 – Mike needs new underwear. To be frank, it looks like he farted his way through most of his and since I updated my panty drawer as a newlywed, it’s only fair that he as well. So, in purchasing his necessary necessities, why not take advantage of the free shipping (hello?! savings!!) and add on a few items for myself. Abracadabra – new running shorts. In further justification, this is a direct relation to my intention to start running. Soon. Maybe tomorrow.

2 – I experienced very cool things in Savannah. You read about the bees. How could I have walked out of there without a little royal jelly in my pocket? Where else was I going to get it? (Meaning, once in a lifetime opportunity). I also found some pure honeybee jelly made in the Blue Ridge Mountains so I felt like that was unavoidable in the sense that my dad would love it. (meaning, it was a gift. It wasn’t for me… justified).

3 – Wedding Nostalgia is real. I have been wanting to incorporate something from our wedding into our new little home. I found wedding song lyrics online and couldn’t stop myself. It was like I blacked out (maybe my subconscious making an executive decision?) and made the purchase before I could think twice. Online shopping is a wannabe saver’s arch nemesis, but hey, clearly I toe the line here. And this new goody is going to be AWESOME on our wall. (quick descrip – lyrics typed out into canvas blocks… GOT TO GET IT INTO MY LIFE, right?)

4 – I caved and bought two new party dresses. I am having the hardest time developing a justification for this, especially given that there are at least two dresses in my closet that don’t even have the tags off yet. But it was Fab’rik. Everything was 30% off, and they had two dresses I know I would still be thinking about had I not been coerced. Better to have no regrets. Yes.

5 – Okay, last one (that I am going to admit to)–I indulged in six new glossies for the upcoming beach trip. GQ, Vogue, House Beautiful and more. Now, it pains me to buy magazines, because you can get a subscription for a whole year for almost the same price as that one off the shelf (WHY is this?). But my career-based need to keep them in circulation and my own deep-down longing to flip pages by the seashore proved too much for my conscious to carry and I did it. Probably spent almost $30 on magazines. That I will read through once. (Actually, I will probably only read GQ and Vogue. I will really only flip through the others). I will throw them away because it will lighten our return load. And, finally, I will be down and out that $30 that I could have avoided spending had I realized just how many unread books I have in my household. Ugh. My conscious. She Devil.

The best (and worst, maybe?) part is that I really don’t feel guilty. Yes, I know I have to stop, and I am back on the bandwagon after the realization that I no longer have the cushion to make irrefutable purchases. So what does an addict have to do to get over the temptation phase? Stop taking trips? Stop supporting our economy?

What would a diet be without the occasional indulgence, anyway… right?



2 thoughts on “It’s thawing out

  1. Wait, did Jenni write this or did my wife? I swear this could have came from her instead… Nice post and good luck with the spending.

    Posted by JoMo | May 24, 2012, 11:55 am
  2. is this the little girl who played on the slip and slide in the backyard with wild abandon? keep enjoying life!!
    I love your writing.

    Posted by Aunt Nancy | June 6, 2012, 8:59 pm

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