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What to eat, tonight | Creamy Potato and Sausage Soup










Guys, this picture really doesn’t do this stew justice. But, it’s the only one I took before we ravenously consumed an entire crockpot of it. (and then moaned for an hour because we were so full, yet would have eaten more).

This stew is one of those things that happens when you’ve got a random assortment of ingredients between the pantry and the fridge that don’t really make sense on instinct, but as you start pulling things out, they attract a curiosity worth exploring.

So, here’s the light (but creamy) and fresh recipe we whipped up for a chilly night… And with the weather here, you never know when one of those may pop up again.


Ingredients | Potatoes (1 per person), 1 Cup Mushrooms, 1 Cup Kale or Spinach, 1 Pound Italian Sausage (browned and broken), 1 Sweet Onion (rough chopped), 2 Cloves Garlic (chopped fine), 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream, 1 Box Chicken Stock, Parsley, Salt and Black Pepper

Throw everything into crock pot, minus the greens and the cream. Cook on Low for 3 hours.

Add greens and cream. Season to taste. Let simmer till warm.

Serve for cornbread!



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