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Something to Drool Over | New Photos on Site

Hello Readers… Who, at this point I could probably call strangers. I’ve been lax. Real lax. And for that, I apologize. Although, I am sure most of you managed to find something to entertain you these last few months, with Game of Thrones yearly showing, The Bachelor franchise steamrolling through ABC and now, with our home team on HBO. Things are only getting better, too, but hopefully a hump-day bout of boredom will bring loyal (and new) readers back to the blog.

To kick things back off, here’s a shameless self-promotion for my alter-ego as a photographer. You guys know I am a lover of shooting all things inanimate, so where I haven’t started a professional business of shooting little ones (although this one is my favorite)…


… my passion lies in things that don’t move. So, to celebrate the season of colorful veggies and feel-good farmer’s markets, I’ve added a new section to the Etsy shopEdibles in Art. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find, but I hope you’ll head over and check them all out yourself. And maybe buy one, or two.

Blueberries2 Carrots2 Onions Potatoes Snap Peas WhiteOnions



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