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Tuesday’s Try This | Ride a Wave of Flavor … Or Tequila

Eat like a Maverick. It’s time to let your taste buds hang loose – or ten – as they say in So-Cal. And now that Mavericks is open in Johns Creek, you’ve got the new Mexican-inspired watering hole to do so. Named for the popular surf spot on the West Coast, it brings a powerful menu of great tasting, fresh entrees to knock you off your boards – err – feet.  But, its casual, laid-back atmosphere is also the perfect place to recover, refuel (with a margarita) and head back out into the world with a renewed attitude … and a full belly.

I recommend a seat at the bar. Mostly, because I couldn’t squeeze my trunk junk into the chairs they have at the tables, and if I can’t I doubt most of Johns Creek could, but also because it’s a lot more space to order everything you can. My favorite was the sizzling queso that comes served right out of a mini cast iron skillet alongside warm tortillas wrapped up in a towel. The guacamole was good, but if you’re looking to conserve belly space, you can skip it.

Follow that with a trio of soft-shell tacos – the perfect mix of sweet and tangy from the Dos Equis Braised Brisket tacos (a big surprise in the flavor department for me), the crunchy spice of the Fried Chicken smothered in Alabama BBQ (it’s really spicy) and chow chow and the savory, smoky flavor packed into in the Wood Fire Grilled Steak, which comes drenched in salsa verde, caramelized onions, pico de gallo and sour cream. Oh my gosh, good.

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If you’ve got room after those (and can resist ordering them again), get your fingers messy with the sweet serving of homemade Churros served with piping hot melted chocolate. It may not put you in the same kind of mood as one of their hand-mixed margaritas, but it’ll leave you feeling satisfied, all the same. In fact, if we’re living on the edge here – err – the crest, why not order both?

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They’re open from 11:30 until late for hanging ten on Friday and Saturday, and till 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday. And, it’s right off 141, in that brick shopping center where you’ve always wanted to explore, but never actually turned into. No reservation required – although more than a wetsuit is.

Check out the menu and more at maverickscantina.com.




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