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Movie Monday | She Gone (and GIRL, it’s crazy)

A show of hands … How many of you read this book? It’s been a couple of years for me, but hands down, it’s still one of my favorites. It gripped me. I couldn’t put it down without seeing what the next page revealed … and then, the next. Until, I had read it so … Continue reading

Movie Monday | Horrible Bosses Is Something to Laugh At

Ok, I mean, really laugh at. At first, I was bummed to spend the new-dress money on a movie that wouldn’t be on the Oscar ballot, but as an uncomfortable pregnant lady, anything done in a recliner with popcorn resting on your belly is worth considering. Thus, we bought our reserved seats for Horrible Bosses … Continue reading

What We’re Watching | The good, the bad and the ABC comedies

As a pretty new TV watcher – meaning, someone who keeps up with live TV, knows what shows are new every season and knows what shows have cancelled – this was only the second season where I had a lineup of shows ready to fill up space and frustrate me on my DVR. There’s the new … Continue reading

Movie Monday | Zach Braff Makes Garden State Again

I wish I was still sitting in The Tate Center theatre, watching (and crying) at the first time I saw Garden State. I wish I still had those goosebumps over just how good the soundtrack was, and how much everyone on campus revealed in talking about it – for months. Unfortunately (only in some ways), I’m way … Continue reading

Movie Monday | And You Thought Your Breakup Was Bad…

Get over it. Because it was nothing compared to the “real” story behind Sleeping Beauty. In Disney’s Maleficent, starring the born-for-it Angelina Jolie, we find out what made her so evil in the animated stories of past. We get her side of the story – what some would say was the real story – and it’s really, … Continue reading

MOVIE MONDAY | Sandra and Matthew team up for Oscars

I love seeing these guys in movies together. So obviously, I love seeing them both get recognized for their own, respective movies, together. It’s not often I can sit my eyes (my special eyes!) through a double feature, but with the countdown clock ticking louder and louder in my ears, I couldn’t waste another hour … Continue reading

MOVIE MONDAY | Literature’s Secret Loves… And Great Wardrobes

You know when you see a period piece, you’re probably going to see it get a nod for it’s Costume Design. The story is no different here, in Ralph Fiennes second director’s hat. He also stars in the film as the literary protagonist, Charles Dickens, living in the literary limelight and toeing the line of … Continue reading

MOVIE MONDAY | The Past Doesn’t Make It To Present

I hate seeing non-nominated movies during awards season. Especially when this year, I haven’t even seen half of the nominations and there’s only about a month left of viewing time. That’s a lot of popcorn folks. But, as a screener, I can’t predict what will get nominated before I see them, so when I was … Continue reading

MOVIE MONDAY | The Wolf of (my) Dream Street

Guys, it’s something I just have to get out there—I am never going to get over Leo. Ever since that day, back when I was in the seventh grade, when I went to the theatre with my older cousin and watched him promise to never let go, I have believed it. And, I’ve held up … Continue reading

Movie Monday | Words of Wisdom to Women of the Oscars

Guys, I’ve pasted my review of The Book Thief that I wrote for Insite below. But, since it’s my trusted friends and confidants (for the most part) who read this blog, there are a few thoughts that I feel like cannot be ignored forever. First and foremost, it is way too hard to eat popcorn … Continue reading