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An Oscar Disappointment | Fashion Faux Pas and NPH

In a show of keystrokes… who watched? I dabbled in the live version with a semi-interested husband and a very hungry and latched baby, but recorded it so I could get serious about swooning over some red carpet raves. Sadly, there were but a few. And I don’t say that simply. Best Dressed : Rosamund Pike and … Continue reading

Liberal Arts – A Classic on Classics

I’m a movie lover (DUH), so it’s rare that I see something I absolutely hate. That said (I can admit this guys), it’s also rare that I’ll go as far as to say that something is one of my favorite movies ever… Not everything leaves a large of a mark on my heart as Titanic. … Continue reading

Game on, Emily.

Why I am excited for The Bachelorette, Season 452,628,465…or whatever: Emily (Okay, I don’t actually remember her last name right now, but I do want to bring up how weird it is that every time a knew candidate is up for date, they always have ridiculously abnormal last name) … Anyways, Emily quickly went from … Continue reading