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Movie Monday | The Grandest of Oscar Contenders

I am a huge Wes Anderson fan. His movies move quietly through my sense of humor, striking a chord (funny bone?) somewhere subtle and doing so ever so softly. Soft enough that I can’t help but giggle. And whether animated with George Clooney and Meryl Streep (The Fantastic Mr. Fox) or on a train (The … Continue reading

Movie Monday | It’s a Birdman, and he was super

Yes, I realize The Oscars have come and gone – and happened with about the same amount of nonchalance – but that recap will have to wait, so I can tell you guys about Birdman. I’ve heard the haters, I’ve listened to the reasons it shouldn’t have won, but I whole-heartedly disagree with them. I … Continue reading

Movie Monday | 30 Days Till Oscars

It goes without saying, I am not going to see all of the nominees this year. It pains me, pains me, to admit it – not just out loud, but on the inside too. But, little Mac made other plans for our movie season. They involve swaddling and soothing, rather than popcorning and leather seat reclining. … Continue reading

Movie Monday | Zach Braff Makes Garden State Again

I wish I was still sitting in The Tate Center theatre, watching (and crying) at the first time I saw Garden State. I wish I still had those goosebumps over just how good the soundtrack was, and how much everyone on campus revealed in talking about it – for months. Unfortunately (only in some ways), I’m way … Continue reading

Movie Monday | Words of Wisdom to Women of the Oscars

Guys, I’ve pasted my review of The Book Thief that I wrote for Insite below. But, since it’s my trusted friends and confidants (for the most part) who read this blog, there are a few thoughts that I feel like cannot be ignored forever. First and foremost, it is way too hard to eat popcorn … Continue reading

Movie Monday | Why Jason Statham just made my list

If you’re going to see a movie starring Jason Statham, you should already expect the mental workout. Hence, Homefront made me speed-eat popcorn and refuse a bathroom trip until the end. But… BUT, when you also cast him as the loving dad in a worn out baseball cap who just happens to have a secret skill … Continue reading

Liberal Arts – A Classic on Classics

I’m a movie lover (DUH), so it’s rare that I see something I absolutely hate. That said (I can admit this guys), it’s also rare that I’ll go as far as to say that something is one of my favorite movies ever… Not everything leaves a large of a mark on my heart as Titanic. … Continue reading