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Monday’s Must-Have – Sally Hansen Hot Nails

I absolutely hate to paint my own nails. Friends, they know who they are, of mine are super talented in this area, confident enough to slap some polish on their nails and not let any fear of smudging or scratching keep them on the couch for too long, fanning their hands and blowing on their nails. Me, I need hours in the day, a TV marathon to paint, dry and then go back and fix all the mess-ups. And then I need it to dry more. I hate it.

Now, with the promise of chip-free gel nails, I seriously doubt the need for my nail pail and always suck up the potential for a new dress with the promise of perfect nails. Plus, my nails suck, so the gel gives them a boost of confidence to stay strong and grow long.

But when that twenty-five bucks a pop becomes something you just can’t scrounge up, or isn’t worth another night of PBJs for dinner (even though they are DE-licious), you need a back-up plan. And you need something better than Wet n Wild’s color of the month.

Luckily, I found Sally Hansen Manicure in a Bottle. FAB colors, A tapered brush (for easy application) and a creamy, glossy formula that actually prevents mess-ups, making an at-home paint job every bit a little less painful. It dries quick, It stays shiny and it costs less than $8 a bottle. I actually own it in more than fifty percent of the available shades. Apologies to my nail pail over the threat of saying goodbye. Yes, I still need you.


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