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Amour – Movie Review

You can see what I told the public eye here:

Insite Atlanta’s Winter Issue

Reading this, it really seems like I hated it. And I did, that’s not lie. But the truth of the matter is that I hated the story. It’s too hard to watch if you know anyone elderly. Or, just anyone suffering from a chronic illness. No, that doesn’t make it a bad movie, but it’s worth mentioning.

That said, it is on the ballot for this year’s Oscar race. And (ugh, this is going to sound so cold-hearted) if you deserve the statuette for playing a sick, convulsing woman so well, then I am no longer qualified to offer an opinion. But before that happens, my opinion is that the able-bodied, healthier character played by Jean Louis Tritignant deserves the nod.


Should you see this? Is it worth seeing? Well, if you share my affinity for Oscars, then of course you should see it. Form your own opinion and decide for yourself if the nod is noteworthy.If you don’t care so much about accomplishing that ballot, then I would advise to skip it. Post-Oscars, you won’t hear this title again. And, there’s no need to make yourself sad for no reason. Lastly, please especially don’t see it if you fall into the category of potential for this hitting close to home. It’s too graphic and tragic to go there.

Here’s my bottom line – Kudos to Haneke for approaching such a grotesque topic, you’ve got the knack. But I can’t say this is one I’ll carry with me.



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