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12 Days of Prints-mas | Get Cookin’ on a Cool Gift

Day 4 | What to Get … Whoever is in the kitchen with Dinah

Whether your best buddy or brother-in-law is a master chef at the neighborhood hot spot, or burns bread on the regular, there’s an affinity within the reason they stay in their aprons. Maybe it’s the feeling of power and control that a wooden spatula gives you, maybe it’s the intoxicating smell of anything made with garlic or maybe it’s that feeling when a dish comes out tasting absolutely spectacular – either way, a food lover is a food lover, and you should celebrate it.

Here’s how: Give them this. (or these because there are way more where the below came from).

wlafforblogseries7 wlafforblogseries9 wlafforblogseries10 wlafforblogseries8


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