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12 Days of Prints-mas | Life’s a Beach… Gift it

Day 3 | What to Get… A Vacationer

Despite an affinity for sweets and chimney-fed fruitfuls, the holidays are the first time I start thinking about next year’s beach vacation. Especially when last year’s climate took a turn toward frigid, now the hint of cold temps make me crave the beach. But, when family is here, you’ve got to stay here, so the thought of the sand in your toes is nothing more than a fleeting dream.

…Unless you’ve got a portrait of an unbeatable sunset hanging in your living room. That, my photography-loving friends, is a way to bring the beach home, and keep it there year round. This sunset were taken on the dock of the bay, just west of a little town called Panacea on Florida’s panhandle. Almost everyone in my family has one hanging in their house, or lodged permanently in their “happy place.” So, now we’re sharing the serenity (and a handful of options) with the world.

wlafforblogseries6Want more options? Visit the Etsy site to see all of the wall-worthy shots.


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