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12 Days of Prints-mas | Give gifts like a Southerner… i.e. a pro

Day 2 | What to Get… A Real Southerner

On the second day of Christmas (or, in this case, on the 9th of December), you may find yourself shopping for a man’s man. Or, perhaps, a hands-on handy him or her with an affection toward all things found below the Mason Dixon Line? Someone who has a taste for the finer – err – the more Southern things of life? Well, as a Southerner, and as someone who’s friends with a heck of a lot of Southerners, I can say these prints are the answer to a gift-giving conundrum when you just can’t bear to buy another cookbook, or camouflage. Oh – and they may be flowers (technically), but they’re totally unisex.

wlafforblogseries4 wlafforblogseries5

The options include a handful of other ways to bloom a boll, as well as the option to buy a threesome – because pictures are worth a thousand words alone … so imagine what you can say to your loved ones with three!


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