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12 Days of Prints-mas | With Love And Flash gift ideas

First off, I really brainstormed a better title for my holiday fun on the Etsy site. I delegated the responsibility to my senior wordsmith (and cousin), but she left me with nothing more … so it stands as a cheesy play on words. Either way, I hope it inspires you to get a little more playful with your gifts. Instead of the I-don’t know-what-to-get-him-or-her gift cards, candles and scarves, why not delve into their personality, their style and whip out an original print, instead. Not only does it keep on giving (for life, assuming they find a place to frame and hang it), but it shows you thought about who they are and what they really appreciate, before spending your hard-earned, past-5-on-a-Friday paycheck. All around, it’s holiday cheer for everyone.

So – Let’s kick things off. Sing along if you want to… mostly, to the tune of “ching.”

Day 1 | What To Get … The Bookworm

I’m a reader and a book fanatic. Not to mention a paper-in-general fanatic. So, naturally, I have a pretty wide collection of still life photography focused on this subject. I know I’m not alone.

Gift your friends, family and fellow book-nerds with something fitting and flattering to their favorite hobby. And, aside from the options shown here (and even more on the Etsy listing), if you know they’ve got a favorite book, set of books, author or passage from a book, you can order a custom print via the listing too. Basically, this is the gift that keeps on giving … or, turning the page.
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