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Shop Now So You Can Drink Later

In my old age, I’ve learned to accept a few things about myself. For one, I like to sleep. I’d choose getting to bed early with a good book over bar hopping with fun friends any night. Call me lame. I don’t like Greek Yogurt and if McDonald’s is what I want, I am not going to guilt trip myself over it. Unless it was two days in a row … maybe. But mostly, I know that I hate crowds of people – especially when that crowd seems to have a similar purpose and is out for blood to accomplish it. This is what holiday shopping feels like. The fact that you should ever have to squeeze past someone to pull something off a shelf, or wait to get around someone in the grocery aisle because they can’t decide what they’re looking for or they’ve dominated both lanes with their cart and person. Some of them may legit be training for Supermarket Sweep, but come on, let’s train later, and not during the busiest weeks of the year.

Luckily, internet shopping let’s you stay in your pajamas, avoid humanity and stock pile on gifts to go under the tree. Here are my favorites.

For Him | A feathered bow tie; Beer-scented soap and one thing to make drinking wine more manly

il_570xN.530249646_32g5 brooklyn_Monster_Ale Brackish_product_shots_082613-22_1024x1024

For Her | A cookbook by someone other than The Food Network stars, The Jane Iredale Cheat Sheet  to The Smoky Eye and the fanciest way to sign checks (or field trip forms)

intution-06x690 Smoky-Eye-Kit Layout 1

…I would totally post some other ideas, but then everyone would know what they were getting this year.



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