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The Monthly Mom List | Playing Dress-Up

Its no secret that it takes nine months to grow a baby. But, not many people are spreading the word about the nine months it takes (if not more) for you to grow your body┬áback. We hit┬áthe three month mark this past weekend, and celebrated with an overnight trip to the grandparents’ house, a road … Continue reading

Shop Now So You Can Drink Later

In my old age, I’ve learned to accept a few things about myself. For one, I like to sleep. I’d choose getting to bed early with a good book over bar hopping with fun friends any night. Call me lame. I don’t like Greek Yogurt and if McDonald’s is what I want, I am not … Continue reading

Tuesday Try-This | To All my blonde-eyebrowed ladies

To be honest, it’s not a body part I give a lot of my thought bubbles to. They’re there. They’re unobtrusive. And they’re slow growers. But, they are pretty blonde. And when you sneak into winter months where sun-kissed, highlighted body hairs aren’t too popular, this product becomes your make-up must-have. Benefit’s Gimme Brow offers … Continue reading